Author Guidelines

Set out for authors the bibliographic and formatting standards used for items submitted to the journal (e.g., Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5th edition, 2001). It is often helpful to provide examples of the common citation formats for journals and books to be used in submissions. Also identify the types of appropriate Supplementary Files (e.g., data-sets, research instruments, etc.) which authors should be encouraged to upload, in addition to their submission, to enhance readers' engagement with their work.


  1. The article must be original and based on research which is not yet published elsewhere.
  2. An author may submit an article in Bahasa Indonesia or in English.
  3. The length of the article is a minimum 3.000 words and a maximum of 8.000 words, including figures, illustrations, and bibliography.
  4. The article must include cover, name of author, afiliaion, telephon number and e-mail address.
  5. The article should also include an abstract of about 250 words and some keywords.
  6. Written articles font Book Antiqua 12 and spaced within 1,5.
  7. The quotation should follow APA style.
  8. A bibliography is written in APA referencing system.
  9. A “blind reader” will review the accepted article before publication process.
  10. The copyright of the article is on the Khatulistiwa Journal of Religious Studies when it is published.
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  12. A reviewer may choose a book on various issues in religious studies both in Bahasa Indonesia and in English(Book Review).


Publication Fee

Qusqazah does not charge APCs, submission charges, or other fees. All processes of article publication are free of charge.